If you’ve been to see me in concert and would like to sign my guestbook, please feel free to leave a comment below…

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  1. scott conrad says:

    brilliant as usual, still got belly ache, keep up the great work,

    1. EILEEN KRESIL says:

      Hi saw you 1998 and 1999. Got photos, booklet and letters and still have them. You then seemed to disappear. So glad you are back on stage and in pantos. Will do my utmost to come and see you but do hope you will be visiting Kent. I know it wont be this year but perhaps next. Fingers crossed. You were a great help in cheering me up when I was going through a very bad time. Thankyou and hope to see you soon for more laughs

      1. Billy Pearce says:

        Still here and still doing it!!! They just don’t have me on TV anymore so people think you’re dead!! Lots of love x

        1. Lorna wood says:

          Hi Billy. I watched you on tv years back lol . Cane across you again on you tube killed myself laughing and my stomach hurt lol.
          I’d love to come and see you in Blackpool in August.. your not bad for a yorkshireman lol . I’m a red rose not a white one ha ha. I hope I can meet you at the stage door for photos and autograph would make my day. Best wishes Lorna

          1. Billy Pearce says:

            hi Lorna, thanks for the message, glad I made ya laugh!! Hope you enjoy Blackpool, it’s a great venue! Billy x

          2. Lynn goodall says:

            I love u Billy you are the best comedian in my eyes.. u are truly unique in every way we love you love to see ya again in Doncaster. The twins Alison and Lynn xx

        2. Olivia booth says:

          Hi billy I love you so mutch you did a brilliant show today well done you are the actor in allddin settle don for the night and remover enjoy your self xx❤️❤️❤️

        3. Mike Kippax says:

          Hi Billy ,
          Hope alls well . If you remember my daughter Eden was part of your show on North pier , you called her ‘Dolly’ . Well you must have been able to see the future , she has the lead role in Hello Dolly at the Grand Theatre this April !
          Thanks again for your kind words and encouragement , she has never forgotten it .
          All the best !

          1. Billy Pearce says:

            so chuffed to hear that she’s doing so well, please send my very best wishes to her for a successful future! Maybe I’ll be on her show one day!!!

          2. Mike Kippax says:

            Thanks Billy ,
            I will cerntainly tell her . She will be dead CHUFFED at your good wishes !

        4. Chris Norton says:

          Hi Billy, we saw you on Thursday night at Georges Hall Bradford, I first saw you in 94/95ish at a club in Ilkley, you were great. We’ve seen you in panto for the last few years, you are great. I took my wife along on Thurs, tell her how different your show was from panto. Billy you were on great form fantastic. On the following morning my wife said she felt as though she had had a face lift, her cheeks were so tight with laughing. Best wishes Chris. See you in panto.

        5. David Martindale says:

          Went to Alhambra New Years Eve
          What an amazing show
          What a Legend

      2. Dave M says:

        Where are you this year in panto please bud?

        1. Billy Pearce says:

          Bradford Alhambra!

    2. Susan Leal says:

      Great seeing you at the panto awards yesterday at Wimbledon , thank you for signing my book and letting me have a photo with you hope you had a wonderful evening .

    3. Alfie Mordue says:

      Billy I’s always fabulous. That’s why us Bradford peeps love him! HIIYYAAA kiiiddddssaa

    4. bob Howarth says:

      Naturally funny guy, one of the best

  2. Lorna Louise hahn says:

    I love seeing all your shows I have been to pantomime for several years now and came to see Aladdin 3 times because of how funny and good it was and there isn\\\’t a show that I\\\’ve not enjoyed yet because billy Pearce is just such legend and so funny and I have been to Billy\\\’s adult show last year and that was so hilarious and his jokes are so funny too always makes me laugh does billy! 🙂 really hope he does Peter Pan at Alhambra next year 🙂 love lorna xx

    1. TONY FARLEY says:


  3. Mo Daldry says:

    Have seen you twice and had a brilliant time. Had me laughing all the way through you were so funny and entertaining can\\\’t wait for next time.

  4. Christine Ratcliffe says:

    Seen Billy lots of times always funny

  5. Maralyn Alvin and Kristian Adey says:

    Billy you never fail to cheer us up ! Thank you x

  6. Helen Clarke says:

    You have made me laugh so much in a variety of places around Yorkshire for the last 18 years long may it continue 🙂

  7. ann walkden says:

    brilliant night out guaranteed, laugh laugh laugh&laugh again

  8. Tony Stratton says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing Billy Live back in the mid 90`s. When Billy came down south to Basildon.

    From the moment I saw him on the 1991 Royal Variety Performance I knew he was going to be big.

    Looking forward to the next gig at the Towngate Theatre this year.

    All the best

  9. Julie Machin says:

    I have been one of your fans for many years and still enjoying seeing you as you always have me in stitches whether you do pantomime, adult shows, switching christmas lights on and radio and tv interviews. Long live billy x

  10. Les says:

    Saw Billy in London and he was wonderful as always in spite of the famous heckler Bobby Davro…..

  11. Helen and Duncan Stott says:

    Been to see you so many times. We love ,love,love you. My faces aches when we come out with laughing so much. We also have your amazing cd which we have in the car. We bought after the first time we saw you in great Yarmouth as we enjoyed them so much. Wish you still sang them in your show.

    Thank you so much for many hours laughter, and we will see you for my birthday treat in April at Leeds 🙂

    Kindest regards x

  12. Jo-Anne Wheatley says:

    Lost count of the amount of times I\\\’ve seen you on stage. Just brilliant. Favorite comedian by far. Also adore your cd, time you bought another out. Xxx. See you again soon. Xxx

  13. val seaton says:

    LOADS of times !!! Panto, Summer season, Adult shows….everyone a winner. xxxxx

  14. Graham Lutkin says:

    I took my 2 sisters to see you in Hull last year and it was the best nights entertainment we have seen in ages. Laughed so so much. Please come back.

  15. DEB\'S FROM BRADFORD says:

    X X X X X X X,

  16. Dave Williams says:

    Myself , my wife [she was the one laughing loud at the tounge bit) ,and my son were at the Stockport Plaza on the 13 march. What a brilliant night Billy , seen you before and will be seeing you again , even my 16 yr old son was in hysterics. Cheers for a cracking night of comedy.

  17. Linda wilburnflow. says:

    Hi Billy,
    Just for the record, I never get sick of seeing your shows, I love your act, and if the venues are within reach for me, I will be there. Don\\\’t give up the evening job! And carry on the singing, I chuffing love it!

  18. Sarah Thomas says:

    Only me!!! Lol
    As you know myself and 30 of my friends came to see you at the Stockport Plaza on the 13th March.
    I don\\\’t think I\\\’ve laughed that much since the last time I saw your show 🙂
    You are a star – pure and simple. You should be back on the tele making the next generation laugh.
    Keep up the good work hun but don\\\’t work to hard.
    Fingers crossed for a return to Blackpool for a summer season soon.
    Loads of love as Always
    Sarah xxxx

  19. Darrell Smith says:

    Great show Billy, so good to meet you again keep up the good work!

  20. Sarah Walters says:

    I went to see Billy at The Lamproom in Barnsley, wasn\\\’t sure what to expect but can honestly say he was the funniest comedian I have seen in a long time. I was crying with laughter and thoroughly enjoyed the show from start to finish, can\\\’t wait to see him again!

  21. Susan Lenton says:

    Hi Billy hope you and the family are well. Glad to see you are coming to my town Boston. Phil and I have been coming to Skegness for a good few years plus Bradford, Hull and Scarborough. This time it will be my friend Jean coming with me. I hope you come to meet your fans after the show as it would be lovely to see you. Take care. Sue Lenton.

  22. Paul Whitfield says:

    Hi Billy, was due to see you tonight at Cardiff St. Davids Hall and have just had a phone call saying the gig is cancelled. I obviously don\\\’t know the circumstances but very disappointed as my son lives in Dorset and drove up earlier today as we were going to see it together, and yet we were advised at 3pm that the show was cancelled.

    Yours disappointed


  23. Eddy Pearce says:

    We\\\’ll be at the Millfield !!

  24. pat and tony says:

    hi there hope everybody keeping alright ,long time no see,looking forward to newark tonite for a good laugh.

  25. Adrian Botten says:

    Dear Billy,
    Remember you with such GREAT HAPPINESS!!!
    At Blackpool, with your Laughter Show (was quite a lot of years ago!!) My wife Deysia and I met you after the show,
    We are all a lot older now! But we will always remember you!
    You are such a Great comic entertainer!!, Ad & D Bristol

    Thank y

  26. Ann Walkden says:

    Had a brill night tonight in blackburn, never stopped laughing from the minute you bounded onto the stage to the end of show,brilliant to get to catch up after the show aswell for a chat & a photo thanks billy

  27. Kathy Walkden says:

    First saw you in 1992 at Martholme Grange Accrington. My family were celebrating my daughter\\\’s 21st. We thought you were absolutely brilliant. I have attended most of your shows in the NW and loved them all. Laughter from start of the show until the end.
    You are soooo funny, my kind of daft humour.

    Chuffing love you


  28. Georgie says:

    > Message Body:
    > Hi I\\\’m not one for writing to celebrities but I felt I had to write to let you
    > know how brilliant your DVD is. True entertainment at its very best. We saw
    > you 25 years ago in Scarborough at the cannon and ball shows and it\\\’s this
    > memory that drove me to buy the DVD. You are one in a million and I would like
    > to thank you for making us laugh. I feel the television companies have missed
    > a trick but your DVD is fantastic.
    > Thank you Billy you are THE supreme comedian. You knock a lot of the modern
    > ones into a cocked hat!

  29. Lee Badley says:

    I first saw you 5 years ago when I was dragged kicking and screaming to one of you pantos and laughed so much my face hurt. I though if this is what he does at panto Ive got to see his show, yesterday was the 3rd time Ive seen you perform live and you were brilliant, none stop laughs. To be honest I think you could make people laugh reading the shipping forcast. Thanks for coming out and meeting us after the show it was a pleasure and good luck on Saturday at Burntwood lets hope they have finally forgot the incident with the drunk lady on stage…All the best

  30. john and lynda says:

    Hi Billy we saw your show at wakefield opera house last night and had a great time,you where on top form, you had us laughing from start to finish an excellent show in a lovely theatre.we are just going to book to see you in pantomime at Bradford Alhambra,with the excuse of taking my fiancées grandson thanks again Billy from John and Lynda

  31. shirley gledhill says:

    Hi Billy
    I saw you last night at Burntwood Barnsley and you were as good as ever , I can remember you in the early years when you were doing the clubs you were at the kendray w.m.c. farm road . my husband was the compere and you set yourself on fire with a lighter in your pocket , everyone was laughing as they thought it was part of your act but you had to go to hospital and came back at a later date to finish your act, love and best wishes to you and yours oh by the way we were all quizzing about your age and we all got it wrong the oldest age was 55yrs lol bxx

  32. Dean Colvin says:

    Saw you at the Crewe Lyceum last week. Never seen you live before. Great show, solid entertainment, really enjoyed it! Thanks

  33. Shelvis says:

    Hi there, just been looking at your venue dates etc. Are the public allowed to attend the events that say Charity show?

  34. Andy james says:

    Hi Billy look forward to seeing you tommorow at Lichfield,I\\\’ve seen you many many times and normally travel north to see you,so it\\\’s grate to see you local.
    Have a good safe trip down

  35. Elaine marks says:

    Your clean jokes are much better that the crude show we saw at the Octagon tonight, it said adult theme but did not expect the crudity and the sexual gestures. Have always found you funny but think the people who have followed your career were not bought up with this sort of humour

  36. Stephanie McManus says:

    Hi Billy, I used to see you at The Grosvenor Club in Humberston many moons ago – do you remember it? I still have the record Barefoot Days/Cryin\\\’ you signed for me!
    Might get to see you in Weston-super-Mare on 17th April if I can afford it.
    Good luck, sunshine – keep \\\’em smiling!
    Best wishes

  37. Stuart Unitt says:

    Hi Billy.
    Went with a mate to see your gig at the Lichfield Garrick last night (Fri 4/4/14) and thought that although the first half was absolutely brilliant, you did veer rather a lot into sub-Chubby Brown territory during the second half which, although funny to begin with, did get a bit repetitive after a while. Sorry!
    Still think you\\\’re a brilliant comedian, though – keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of your tour.

  38. Stuart Unitt says:

    Hello again.
    Just left a message on your guestbook page in which I criticised what I saw as too much OTT adult content during the second half of your gig at the Lichfield Garrick Theatre last night.
    Having just checked out your \\\’LIVE\\\’ page on this website, I now realise you categorise your shows as either \\\’A\\\’ for adult of \\\’F\\\’ for family, which I didn\\\’t know about, as I purchased the tickets directly from the box office, where it didn\\\’t state it was a solely adult show.
    My apologies for criticising your act – I didn\\\’t realise you catered for two types of audience!
    Anyway, any chance you could let me know if you\\\’ll be touring again in the future with the family version of your act?

  39. Chris Cook says:

    I\\\’ve got to say from all 8 of us who saw you last last night ,we have never see or heard such a Racist, Homophobic, Women degenerating, sexual, blastphemiing, distgusting,absolutely brilliant evening I have ever been too I thought Jim Davidson was good but you take the biscuit, how you remember all that lot with out auto queue, I don\\\’t know, if you ever get A;ziemers it would be tragedy.
    Thanks again for a great evening,.
    Chris Cook and the rest of the audience, my cheeks are still saw from laughing I will wait for new material and definitely, although I can\\\’t see you topping that and come again

  40. Barry says:

    Loved the show in Scunthorpe last night Billy. Good luck in your forthcoming tour. Cheers mate.

  41. tommy @ alison says:

    Hi billy hope the tour is going well look on front row Saturday night at the courtyard in Hereford lol

  42. Keith Hilton says:

    We met last year Billy at Bernie\\\’s funeral I was sat with little Albert outside. And you looked so down with Showbiz.

    So Glad to hear you are touring again, you are as funny now as when I first saw you in about 1985 Keep going fella Quality always shines through

  43. Christine Crawshaw says:

    Another great night Billy at the Cast in Doncaster. Fabulous as ever. Don\\\’t miss this one man show! See you in January at the Alhambra!

  44. lynn goodall says:

    yes i to.sign ur guest book billy thanx

  45. Steve says:

    Brilliant show in Chesterfield at the Winding Wheel last night
    Thank you 🙂

  46. Mairi Forman says:

    Just come back from City Varieties. Brilliant show – many years ago I used to go to the Frontier Club at Batley to see you. You are as good as ever ! Recently had a lot of problems in life – cant believe that for 3 hours I completelu fotgot them an laughed out loud the whole time.Well done Billy – hope the rest of the tour is a great success. Mx

  47. Graham says:

    Hi Billy, we came to see you last night at Billingham and we have to say what a show FANTASTIC our lass was a little bit damp during your second half spot, people should go to your shows if they are feeling a bit low, your show is worth more then any medicine can do to blow away the blues, to us whether it be your family show or adult, again Billy we loved every second, Blackpool is missing a star this year cos nobody can come any where near you, thanks Billy,

  48. vaughan says:

    Saw your show in Fleetwood last night, really enjoyed it.When are you coming back

  49. Mike says:

    I first saw you as kid at the Blackpool Grand and then as a 14 year old I saw your adult show at the end of North Pier and them rediscovered you in Bolton about 5 years ago and last night I took my mum to see you in Burnley last night, what a show your best ever I would say!
    So many different jokes, it takes a lot to make me laugh these days and have seen some \\\”top comics \\\” at the big arenas and spent most of the night smiling having seen the punch lines coming a mile off!
    Last night from the first to the last gag you had me roaring some real clever stuff in there and I can\\\’t wait to see you again in a year or two ! The Barnsley section was my favourite !!
    You are a natural comedian and deserve ever bit of success!
    Keep up the good work and all the best for the rest of the tour!

  50. Jill says:

    Absolutely fantastic show at Far Grange tonight, so funny I\\\’ve never laughed so much in ages. Hope to see you again soon.

  51. Pat Clubbe says:

    We are looking forward to seeing you at Theatre Severn this evening. We last saw you heaven knows how many years ago,at the old theatre in Shrewsbury, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to see you again. Glad to see that you are well.

    Kind Regards Pat

  52. Donna Etherington says:

    Came to see you at the PrincessTheatre in Hunstanton last night, It was a surprise for my Mum Marie who has been a fan of yours for years. Thank you for a fantastic evening.
    Donna and Marie. xxxx

  53. Rich & Nikki says:

    Great night at Hunstanton Friday, laughed from start to finish.
    Have wanted to see you for years, well worth the wait.
    One thing, how did you keep the show such a secret? !!

    Regards, Rich & Nikki.

  54. David and Mandy says:

    Had a fantastic night at the theatre in Shrewsbury, a VERY entertaining Billy to the point our sides were hurting with laughter. The interval was a chance to gain our composure! No composure left standing by the end of the second half! We are still laughing this next morning, looking forward to an opportunity to see this brilliant comedian again.
    Well done Billy.

  55. Milly says:

    Billy….. What can I say….. Loved watching you in the 80 s you made me laugh so much … Just come across you again on youtube and even though I ve had a tough 3 years .. You ve made me laugh again which I hav nt been able to do so for a long time ……a huge thanks !!!! Your an absolute star !!!!! Keep up the fab work… We ll come and see you @ blackpool in the summer !!! Can\\\’t wait…. Thanks again… X ..\\\”……… Milly x

  56. Michael says:

    Watched you perform at Princess theatre Hunstanton, what a awesome night. You had me laughing so hard. And to meet you after and have you sign a autograph made it even better. What a talented and throughly nice person you are.

  57. Karen Emery says:

    Just wanted to say what a fab night Saturday in Shrewsbury. Thanks for sing Happy Birthday to me, but why then did you go on to do fat jokes?????? Good job I don\\\’t take any notice!!!! I\\\’d forgot what it was like to hear a dirty joke. Just wish I could remember them. We all ached from laughing. Your better than any antidepressant, I\\\’m a full time carer for my husband and get really down, I could do with coming to a show at least once a week to keep me going. Just FANTASTIC.

  58. David Wiggan says:

    Hi Billy, I wondered if you could do me a favour, My wife Helen Wiggan and me will be travelling to Momrecambe to be at your gig on 17 May at Morecambe. She has followed you for years and finds you so funny. Helen has a recurrent health issue which she \\\”just gets on with\\\” in her words, which always keeps me in check when I don\\\’t feel to good and keeps me from feeling sorry for myself, I know its a big ask but could you give her a wave and mention her name on stage, I understand if you cant , but if you can, then thank you so much. Thanks Dave Wiggan.

  59. Marie says:

    Fantastic as usual. Saw you at the Princess Theatre, Hunstanton. Loved it, Still laughing now. xxxx

  60. RAY WARDELL says:


  61. nigel armitage says:

    Hi when you coming near to huddetsfield cheers.

  62. Steady says:

    Just Cracked up listening to Act Your Age on R4 so I hope I ain\\\’t disqualified from leavin\\\’ this message coz it was Free4 GerryAntics and I squeezed in on Back Row. Just like Sol I thought You was Robb\\\’d lol! Brilliant! it\\\’s been a long time since I laughed so much.

  63. josette paveley says:

    Hi BIlly!
    Saw you at Harlow last night, thank you for a fab evening

  64. lesley latham says:

    Hi Billy
    We have been to see yoyu on numerous occasions and you were very very kind enough to send us your DVD when I ordered it and it did not arrive (for mymum and dad to come watch with us).
    We will be at New Brighton to see you as it is my husband and dads birthdays. We are so so looking forward to it as we have not seen you for 12 months.
    Please can you wish them happy birthday, it would mean such as lot xx Thank you so much xxxxx

  65. pat and tony says:

    hi nice seeing you again at buxton last night enjoyed as always ,sorry we did not see you after show but both my wife and my self not very well at the moment but helped seeing you for aa good laugh ,talk next time thanks.bye

  66. mike and helen says:

    hello billy, fellow Yorkshire man, arh thar ar reight
    went to see you last night at buxton, \\\’chuffin brilliant\\\’
    just a minor moan, loose the tampax jokes, they don\\\’t suit you, and sing more
    other than that you really do graft hard, thank you for a great evening

  67. Nikki Harrison says:

    Amazing show at Buxton on Saturday night!! Looking for more tickets to come again
    Well done

  68. Rob jacques says:

    Great to see you’re busy again billy you’ve always been too good not to be on tv.
    We first saw you at the embassy in skeggy when you had joe pasquale with you and my chuffin sides ached with laughing.
    God bless you billy you’re a treasure.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      thank you for the lovely message, yes that was a fab show!!

  69. lesley & john says:

    Hi Billy
    Well we came to see you at New Brighton last night. As usual you were brilliant and very very funny. My mum and dad have not been too good for 12 months and said it was the best tonic ever they have not laughed like that for ages.
    We will we come and see you at St. Helens in September. Keep em laughing Billy xxx

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Glad to hear you had a good time! Thanks for coming!

  70. Lyn says:

    Had a fab night at the Floral last night Billy. Only wish now I had stopped to say hello. You were a ray of sunshine so funny, we laughed the night away. Have a lovely ‘rest’ you deserve it. Saw Stand up the Musical last year, loved that too. Shame it didnt stay in London, they dont know how lucky they were to have four wonderful ‘stars’ in one show. Luv you L x

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thank you! I wish it could have gone to London too! I loved doing that show.

  71. Clair says:

    Hi Billy

    Just been to see you again (lost count now how many times) at the Viva in Blackpool. What a great night again. You make me laugh from the minute you get on the stage right until the end. Will be looking out for another venue to visit to see you. Keep up the good work!!


    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks Clair, thank you so much for coming, it was a fab night! What a great venue, might be back later on in the year!!

  72. Andy Dixon says:

    Hi Billy ever since the first time we saw you on stage in 1988 at the Grosvenor Hotel where you totally upstaged Mike Yarwood and were supported by the 3 Degrees we have seen you all over the country , thanks for making us and now our kids and grandkids laugh. Keep up the great work. See you again soon.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks so much for your lovely message! Are you sure you’ve got the right person haha!! See you again soon hopefully!

  73. JASON SLOAN says:

    Seen you at willow club hull fantastic night as always and thanks for signing my dvd hope to see you soon at panto im a massive fan you always make me and my family smile so thank you love to you and family jay

  74. JASON SLOAN says:

    Gonna come see you at floral hall this week carnt wait see you soon

  75. debbie says:

    Came to see you on 5th sept 2014, what a fantastic show you did . also you was very kind enough to have a photo with me, I will treasure it x x

  76. Jason Sloan says:

    well been to see you tonight and stil had me laughing my socks off also thank you for taking the time for another photo and signing the photos if i get chance will come see you at the end of the month at scarbrough mayfield hotel take care all the best

  77. rachael thornton says:

    had a very good night he was very good would see him again thank you for a very good night billy xxx

  78. Neil Stewart says:

    Me and the wife saw you years ago at Hull New Theatre and I would like to say that my jaws have just finished acheing from laughing so much. I Would like to know if you have any plans to come back to Hull or anywgjere nearby to do your adult show anytime in the future. Me and the Mrs do hope you will

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      I was in Hull on the 5th!! Keep an eye on my dates on my website, glad you enjoyed the show!

  79. Julie Bramley says:

    Just home from seeing you in Bradford tonight. Absolutely fantastic show, you’re a real star. Role on Panto season. x

  80. Audrey Boardman says:

    Hi, seen you live with my friend for the very first time in St.Helens on 28 Sept. Although the audience was lacking in numbers you and the show you gave was absolutely thrilling, I’ve never laughed so much in years billy, real real belly laughs where you can’t control your face and it aches uncontrollably. I lost my mum 2yrs ago and still found it hard to laugh as I used to, but thanks to you billy you’ve reignited the life and fire in my belly and brought me out of a dark place with your wonderful warm humour and I thank you so so much for that. Keep the laughter rockin billy and I look forward to seeing you live again at some point in the future. Take care and stay safe. Regards, Audrey x

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      hello there Audrey! thanks for your lovely message. i’m really chuffed that i made you laugh so much and that you could forget all your problems and worries at least for a while. its really terrible to loose someone you love so much but i’m sure your mum wouldn’t want you to be unhappy. i can’t tell you how much your message means to me thank you so much. i do hope things carry on improving for you, and if i’ve had a small part in that then i’m absolutely delighted! might see you again sometime then!! loads of love to you and very big hugs, stay happy, Billy xxxxx

  81. Dave Pearson says:

    Saw your show last night in Woodlands, Doncaster. Must say, thought you were brilliant. Had me laughing all the way thru it. I really don’t know how you keep it going for 2 hours.

    Thanks for a great night. You have got a new fan. Can’t wait to see you live again.


    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Eyup Dave! thanks for the lovely message mate i’m so chuffed you enjoyed the show and thanks everso much for coming! my very best wishes to you and yours, stay happy mate! Billy

  82. Alison Goodall says:

    Hi Billy
    Thanx for a fantastic night.. me and Lynn enjoyed it.. we always love coming to see your shows.. I always enjoy your singing, when you do sing.. because your brilliant.. we hope to see u again.. love u loads Billy
    Have a lovely Christmas and a amazing New year.. Alison and Lynn (the twins). Xx

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      hello loves! great to see you too and thanks for coming! and thanks for my Christmas cards, the first this year! loads of love and massive hugs to you both, stay happy loves Billy xxxx

  83. betty says:

    hi billy.seen you last night at pastures lodge in mexborough,you was fantastic,loved every minute of always make me laugh.looking forward to see you again xxx have a good xmas

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks for coming! glad you enjoyed it. x

  84. betty ki says:

    Hi was nice to see you again.fantastic performance.never fail to make me laugh see you soon xx betty,mark.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks for coming! glad you enjoyed it. x

  85. Jeannette Bentley says:

    Hi Billy we have seen you since you had Steve Garti as drummer l used to bring you a drink to your dressing room and Steve used to sit with us followed you for years . We came to Pastures lodge on Friday night and it was fantastic always good brill as usual xxx

  86. Susan Wright says:

    Hi Billy my name is sue, I’m one of the chefs at the Alhambra where you came into the kitchen then had a mealton ight, I just wanted to say on behalf of my self and all of the staff that we hope you really enjoyed your meal at the Alhambra and it was lovely to meet you x best wishes in your upcoming shows

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks love! It was delicious! See ya again soon. x

  87. martin lloyd says:

    We saw you in Skegness, and it was one of the funniest shows we had seen in ages..

    Why are you not on the telly….?

    Hoping to stop work long enough to get to see one of your shows in 2015 if you are on tour… Head towards Suffolk, we are not all boring! have a good xmas…x

  88. betty ki says:

    Hi Billy.hope you have a good Xmas

  89. Cassie says:

    Just went to see you with my children at Alhambra for Snow White. Saw you last year for Aladdin with my son. I used to come and see you when I was a child and I LURVE that my kids get to see your talent as well. But honestly think I’m more excited to see you than they are! Always loved your preformences and always will!! Billy you’re a legend!! Can I please have an autograph??

  90. Tom says:

    Hi billy,

    We came to the Panto tonight just wanted to say what a great show you and the cast were great. The kids absolutely loved it and we will be going next year for sure.


  91. Hazel says:

    Just back from Snow White. Wonderful, magical evening. Thanks for the laughter – rum tum, tickle ……

  92. glenn says:

    Just been to panto on Sunday. Absolutely top draw. Me and my family go every year and it always gets us excited for Christmas. Keep up the good work it’s really appreciated.

  93. Mark Roper says:

    New Years’ Eve at the Alhambra is an institution for our family now – Snow White last night was sensational and would grace any West End stage.
    Wishing you & yours a happy healthy new year.

  94. Lorraine topping says:

    Hi Billy
    I treated my husband to a weekend in Bradford to see you in Panto you were brilliant, we were amazed at your dancing around the stage. We first saw you a number of years ago at the Rover club in Birmingham you were on roller skates hilariously funny. Recently we saw you at the palace theatre Redditch, you were so funny. Keep up the good work your brilliant, and we will book for the Panto this year. May even turn up in the summer. Good health, wealth, happiness and happy new year Love Lorraine and David Topping xxxx

  95. Tina says:

    Saw you tonight in snow white at the Bradford Alhambra, in a word fantastic, keep up the good work.

  96. Billy Pearce says:

    Hi Billy 
    Me and the family came to the pantomime today at the Bradford Alhambra and you were amazing had me in stitches throughout the whole show can’t wait to see you in jack and the beanstalk next year and hopefully seeing you at Scarborough as well. I had to say that the highlight of the whole show had to be the tap dancing routine when you walked on the walls and the ceiling it was chuffin amazing I can’t believe you did it. The whole cast stood out to me but had to say my favourite was obviously you and joe mcelderry and Jenny gayner and Adam Stafford please get joe back next year. 
    By the way when you did the song with the dame when you used the camera you zoomed In on me and it was really embarrassing your such a funny guy 
    P.s please can you get joe and you to follow me on Twitter @FollowmeUnionJ0 
    Best wishes good luck with the rest of the show 
    Love from 
    Lucy xxxxx

  97. Andy says:

    You are chuffin hilarious can’t wait to see you next


    hi billy,i’m trying to book ticket’s for your adult show but keep getting a blank page so I can’t go any further.we’re wanting scarborough in may.Is there a phone no or anything else I can do that you know of?we’re coming to see you on Wednesday 14th jan.This year our youngest son dale will be with us.Dale’s losing his eyesight through diabete’s and want’s to see the panto while he still can.please could you ask joe if he would sign photo’s for abbi, millie and lily.could he perhap’s leave them at the stage door for us to pick up after the show?Your photo you gave them has pride of place in their bedroom’s.Hope you can help us out .Happy new year to everyone.Lot’s of love Deb’s x x x.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      hello Debs, you have to book direct with the theatre I’m afraid. you’ll be ab;e to find ‘spa theatre’ on the net, thanks love!

  99. Billy Pearce says:

    Hi Billy,

    Just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic panto at the Alhambra. Without doubt the best I’ve seen….absolutely hilarious for all ages Sir.

    I now have an 8 and 6 year old saying chuffing before everything! 🙂

    Hope the TV execs see the light and get you back on the box regularly, I loved watching you on the variety shows growing up.

    In the meantime, I’ll get myself along to the Lamproom in March.

    Thanks for the laughs


  100. sue gray says:

    Just seen snow white, fantastic really had a good laugh.see you next year at the Alhambra billy xx

  101. Trevor Johnson says:

    Billy, we’ve just had a brilliant night at the Alhambra. It was wonderful to see Ben, my seven year old and his big sister Maisie, 15, enjoy themselves so much and my wife Jo’s belly laughs are still echoing in my ear. Thank you for a genuinely great evening that appeals to all ages. Trev

  102. Elwyn says:

    Just been to the Alambra this afternoon, wanted to say what a marvellous show, loved the scene with the chocolates. What’s a Marathon then? Bet you didn’t know that Cadbury do a bar called Marvellous!

  103. Martin Ede says:

    Been following you since 1980 at Beachholme, then club work at Ecclesfield wmc. Where can I find your version of “Maggie” ont tinternet please Billy. Good luck for 2015 and the future. p.s. Saw you at Skegness in 1993ish with Joe Pasquale. You were top drawer as allways.

  104. Martin Ede says:

    PPS the big cig lighter gag used to have me in stitches.

  105. Hi Billy,
    Went with 6 of my family to the 1pm Sunday show, Second time I have seen you in a pants, OMG you are amazing, the humour,,,kids and adults and the ad libs just cracked me up. Amazed you could tap dance so well and what a performance that was …amazing….and what a voice. You are the star of the show and long may you be so. Panto is such a long haul (2 shows a day?AArgh.)
    So …..we want you around for a long , long
    time so look after yourself, we love you…Also loved Joe… quite a talent…a young Billy in the making?

  106. Elaine Mcaulay says:

    Saw tonight’s performance of Snow White and loved very minute. Been describing it to my husband who didn’t go and who now wants to go too, on the strength of what I’ve said, so I’ll be coming again, Yay! You are so good and have such energy. How do you do it? Also all the rest of the cast, brilliant. they do you proud. Must be such hard work for you all, but it’s appreciated. Thank you.

  107. Lucy Smart says:

    Hi billy,me and my family have been coming to your pantomimes for past 15 years and we always leave with both our stomach and throats hurting from laughing so much.we need to get you back on tv

  108. Eileen Difori says:

    Hello Billy ,Looked up your website because we were chatting about you at work today. And what a great Bradford institution you are. The pantomime wouldn’t be the same without you. Hope you keep doing it for many years to come. Bradford proud of you

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thats very kind of you. x

  109. Jim says:

    I think it’s time to write your life story Billy !
    I think it would be interesting and funny.
    Please do it soon if you have time.
    I bet you’ve a good story to tell.
    This is starting to look like a poem, sorry.

  110. Lesley says:

    Saw you in panto today (16/01) excellent as always. The panto at the Allambra would not be the same without your appearance. See you next year.

  111. John Bell says:

    Hi Billy came to see panto in Bradford last night and really really enjoyed it.It’s the first time i’ve been to a panto and I didn’t know what to expect but yourself,Joe and the rest of the cast were excellent and I hope to come again next year.Thank you all for a brilliant night.

  112. Steve Walker says:

    Great show at Alhambra last night (16th Jan) never stopped laughing . Everyone in our group young and older enjoyed it .
    Thank you Billy .

  113. Vivienne Shaw says:

    had a great time at the Alhambra .You are a great entertainer.Looking forward to seeing you again.Best wishes x

  114. Vicky says:

    We saw the panto on New years eve, it was fabulous, as always. I was talking at work about you and a colleague said that our school came to see you (a few years ago) and had to stay over due to snow. She said that you stayed too and entertained our children all night and provided them with food. This just proves you are a true and very genuine gentleman. (Not that we didn’t know anyway). A brilliant man all round x

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks love, yes I remember that! Glad to hear you enjoyed the panto, thanks for coming. x

  115. Donna (@mcelderrylover) says:

    Just want to say Billy, your an amazing guy, over the last 2 months in panto you’ve been a real pleasure to watch, you’ve had me crying with laughter with your jokes. You are amazing and hopefully il be able to come and see you at your own show sometime soon. Take care.

    Donna xx

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks Donna, see ya again soon. X

  116. sheila craddock says:

    Hi Billy,
    Saw Snow White on Friday night and we laughed from start to finish. The whole cast were just brilliant but I think my favourite part was where the four of you did the 12 Days of Christmas, absolutely hilarious.. Loved the part where you walked up the wall and over the top before coming down the other side, absolutely amazing . We cant wait to see you this year again in Bradford. have a wonderful year Billy you are such a great guy.
    Luv Shiela

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks Shiela, glad to hear you enjoyed it. x

  117. David Spears says:

    Your best panto ever.
    Brilliant from start to finish. I loved the audience joining in the comtempory pop hits, well worth paying the royalties if you have to.
    The new take to the seven dwarfs, great.
    Lead singer. Joe McEdlry, good stage presence and a wonderful voice. A joy to watch the report between the cast. A well rounded performance from all the dancers ,such energetic smiling folk. I don’t know how you manage to make each performance so bright and fresh day in day out,,, but you did.
    Flying sequences, terrific.
    Many thanks for such a great night from the four of us. Billy Pearce is Mr. Alhambra, maybe your secret is having your lovely wife along side.LOL.


    My two of my Grand children still go through the “Don’t touch the box, leave the box alone” sequence. This type of catch phrase could be money in the bank. It gives a new young generation a memory.
    we’ll see ya next chuffing year.
    Haigh Moor Road

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks so much for your lovely message. I’m very lucky to work with all these wonderful people, I love it! See you next year?

  118. Laura says:

    Hello Mr Pearce. Please let me start by saying well done for making us all laugh, you are one of the best in this game. I was estactic to see you were doing another tour, but left disappointed when I saw you were not coming back to Stamford, Lincolnshire. We all loved you that night and you did say you would come back. Please please please can you cone back to Stamford?

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Sorry love! It’s out of my hands! Thanks for your interest in me, keep smiling. xxxx

  119. Paul young says:

    Cheers for a side splitting fun evening at wmc Sheffield recently , the missis actually pissed her pants she was laughing that much , will hopefully catch u in Barnsley in march ,take care

  120. Julia Cranston says:

    Thankyou for a great show at the Leeds Varieties tonight and a special thankyou to you for singing to me!!!
    Lots of love from Julia from Garforth!!

  121. cant wait for your show to arrive in Harrogate billy the 3rd oct , our town awaits

  122. Christine says:

    We’ll talk about value for money we came to see your show last night at the embassy Skegness it was fantastic can you not come here for panto you make the panto in Bradford wish you came here for ours

  123. Rob halbert says:

    Just got “stephanie from manchester, don’t miss your bus” home from Preston

    What a fabulous and funny night

    Billy it was well worth the wait to see a truly hilarious show
    Keep going – see you soon

  124. Jayne Bishop says:

    Hi Billy

    Had a fantastic night at the Rotherham Civic! Thank you for allowing me to have my photo taken with you on your well earned break! Thanks also for signing the DVDs.

    Be seeing you soon in Scarborough Spa – can’t wait xxxxx

  125. Dee says:

    Enjoyed the first night of your show at Scarbados Spa. Very funny I laughed that much I nearly passed round my Murray Mints. Keep up the good work and see you again soon xx

  126. Chris from Kent! says:

    We all really enjoyed the show last night, lovely to see you again after such a long time. Guess what, I’m famous now too – got on the train to go home this morning and a man called out “you missed your bus then Chris!” See you again soon we hope, love to Kerry and Jack x

  127. Mike and Marjorie Guggenheim says:

    Dear Walter from Poland
    We saw your show on Tuesday in Scarborough. We really admire all your hard work and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Looking forward to seeing you at the pantomime in Bradford – together with all our grandchildren we always enjoy the fun – keep up the good work.
    Best wishes
    Marjorie and Mike

  128. Richard machin says:

    My wife and i caught your show at Scarborough spa last Wednesday night (10th)and i don,t think either of us has laughed so much in a long long time.Your show is 1st class and deserves to be played to a much bigger audience.Thanks for a super evenings entertainment billy.

  129. christine fielding says:

    Christine and family.

    Highly reccomended show! what a treat

    We came to see you at the Scarbrough spa theate in june 2015r, we have not laughted so much in years, fantastic show, loved every minute, Billy you are a fantastic showman and comedian, what a treat, the whole show with your talented support acts were absolutely wonderful, keep going Billy you are a ray of sunshine, cant wait to see your show again!!!

  130. sharon crutchley says:

    I would just like to say how much we enjoyed your show in Scarborough last Wednesday. We ached from all the laughing. It was a brilliant show and we enjoy all the pantomime we have seen you in. My children are so looking forward to seeing you in panto again this Christmas.

  131. Keeley Twycross says:

    Hi Billy me and my family went to see you in scarbrough in august and you were really funny,it was funny when you picked on me when i went to the toilet i wont be going whilst ur on at the Rhinos in november lol, me and my mum had a photo with you,you are amazing i would totally higher you for my birthday 😉

  132. Sonia rigby says:

    Hi Billy
    Thank you so much for a great night of laughter my husband hadn’t seen you before and thought you was brilliant ,also thank you for coming to Harrogate hope to see you here again .

  133. Carole (from Hoyland) says:

    Saw you at Trades Club Barnsley 2 Oct. Never laughed so much, alot of laughs were on me though, (that’ll teach me to sit at front). Went with husband and another couple who said it was the best night they had had in a long time. Seen you 3 times but best venue yet, hope you come back to Trades Club.

  134. lynn goodall says:

    Hi billy once again uve made us both laugh great to see u again at woodlands rhino club u always make a good impression n for that we love ya dearly.. Keep up the good work billy love ya lots see u again nxt yr lynn xxx

  135. Alison Goodall says:

    Hi Billy Thank you once again for amazing night, so funny. And you make us laugh no end of times.. we love you lots, you make us smile. Love from Alison and Lynn ( the twins)

  136. Sharon says:

    Dear Billy,

    You are a comic genius. I have never seen you live because the one time I could see you in the south, the show was cancelled! Please visit Beck Theatre, Hayes, Middlesex or the theatres in Clacton, Essex. We would love to see you.

    With warmest regards.


    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks Sharon, thats very kind of you to say! If you have a look at the dates on my website, next Autumn I’m doing a play with Crissy Rock, which is touring the UK, maybe one of the venues will be good for you?? I’m sorry about my show being cancelled, it was due to a lack of audience!! You might have been the only one lol.

  137. Annette Nutting says:

    Hi Billy, why are you only doing gigs up north, I live in Leicester and saw you there years ago and would love to see you again.

    Cheers Annette

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Sorry love, I don’t seem to sell very well outside Yorkshire these days!

  138. Bethany Walker says:

    Hi Billy!

    Just come back from a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk and once again, it was fantastic! Ive been coming to see your pantomime since I was 8 years old….doesn’t seem long until I tell you I turn 21 in July! Either way I hope ill be able to see you perform for many years to come, your shows are always brilliant and ny Christmas wouldn’t be complete without it! Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards from a lifelong fan,
    Bethany x

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      glad you enjoy what I do!! Have a great Christmas, Billy. xxx

  139. Tim Cluderay says:

    Came to see you at the Panto yesterday, What a fantastic show! Brilliant as always. We’ve had a couple of years off coming over to Bradford to see you due to the family now being scattered far and wide, but I’ll not be missing another year, you top them all.

    I’ll definately make a point of coming to your summer gig this year to expand on the “Pearce” experience.

    Thank you and enjoy your christmas

  140. Just been to the panto with the grand-kids. Billy you were bloody brilliant. Thoroughly professional show and you worked your socks off. More importantly Jacob and Thomas thought you were great too. All the very best from a fellow pro

  141. Kary North says:

    Hi Billy, myself, husband and daughter watched Jack and the Beanstalk on Tuesday… was amazing. You are such a talented guy and we were so impressed with the whole show. Lisa Riley was funny…every time she forgot her lines……ultimately your fault?? So she mentioned in the show….because you made her laugh so much too. We loved the helicopter scene, and also your climbing skills in the 3D set… tummy ached from laughing so much. We can’t wait to see you next year in Peter Pan. Happy New year to you and your family and thank you again for making our night at the Alhambra.
    Best wishes Kary x

  142. Happy New Year.
    My wife and I treated most of our grandchildren, and their patents, to see Jack & The Beanstalk on the 30th December. Everyone of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were laughing on the way home. I don’t know how much they pay you but it’s not enough.

  143. Sandra Jones says:

    Hi Billy,

    Will be coming to see you again at the Panto in Bradford tomorrow night – have seen you there every year and like a good wine, you get better and better – we are still laughing days after we have seen you. Thanks again Billy – four very happy young at heart pensioners from Otley.

    Friday, 8th January, 2016.

  144. David & Sandra Jones says:

    Hi Billy,

    We went to see you in Panto in Bradford on Saturday night with our friends. Absolutely fantastic as usual – loved the 3D effect. Look forward to this year’s panto (if you are in it of course!). Love from all of us in Otley – you certainly make our Christmas. x.

  145. Jayant Mistry says:


    Your are fantastic fantastic and fantastic. I have seen you three times at Alhambra and each time you seem to get funnier and funnier like a good old wine. I would love to see a live stand up show of yours, i think that would be amazing. Thanks for putting a smile on my families faces

    Jayant Mistry

  146. Barry Hewitt says:

    Hi Billy, we have always been told that the best thing to come out of Yorkshire was the road to Lancashire. But having attended your Pantomime at the Alhambra Theatre now for the third year in succession with the family we all agree that you are the best ambassador for the white rose county. Keep up the fabulous standard you have set each year and we will definitely be back from the red rose side of the Pennines ????????????????????

  147. Nounette Noble says:

    Hello Billy, Just taken all my grandchildren to see you in pantomime – again – started taking my eldest granddaughter – now 22 – when she was six years old and she is still coming with me along with my other five grandchildren. We had a brilliant time, you never fail to make it a night to remember. All being well we’ll all see you again next year. Thank you for entertaining us once again.

    Kind regards Nounette and family

  148. Ray Paine says:

    My wife and I were in Blackpool on March 27th to see Joe Longthorne in the afternoon so that left us at a loose end in the evening, I went on the Viva website and saw that you were due to be there in the evening I booked two tickets and what a good choice it was we had a great evening you were fantastic haven’t laughed so much in ages.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Chuffed to hear that!

  149. dave allott says:

    hi billy,,,,,,saw you at wickersley club on april 1 2016, you were great,,,, as usual
    best wishes

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for coming!!

  150. FIONA & KEL says:

    Hi BILLY just read about u opening syke fish shop thought you’d bought a fish shop @ first ha!ha! Fiona your neighbour

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      God no! I’d end up the size of a house if I had a chippy!! Hope u 2 are well. xxxx

  151. betty says:

    hi billy,great to see you again you always make me laugh .hope to see you again xx

  152. sean says:

    hope the summer season is great sucess in sunny scarborough cant wait to see it in august

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      thanks! opening night tonight, oh heck!!!

  153. mary and irene says:

    Just like to say we came to your show at the spa in Scarborough on Wednesday night having never been to your show before didn’t know what to expect omg it was brilliant so funny we never stopped laughing from start to finish

  154. Jedburgh Stone says:

    Saw you last night along with Joe Longthorne at Viva Blackpool. Your act was nothing short of brilliant bringing endless laughter to the packed house. Well done Billy and thank you.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      thank you! I had a great night! Glad you enjoyed

  155. James says:

    Saw you at Brownhills, thanks for making us laugh so much. Legend!

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      bless ya! chuffed to hear you enjoyed it!

  156. Janice Batty says:

    Saw you at Brownhills, fantastic this is what the world is short of, a really fun night.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      thanks for that! so glad you had a good night

  157. Sandie Hayes says:

    Had a great time at The Brindley in Runcorn, last night. You stole the show!
    Looking forward to seeing you next in Bradford on Boxing Day. No one does panto better than Billy Pearce.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks love! So glad you enjoyed it, looking forward to doing it again next year!

  158. Traisi Angus says:

    I was lucky enough to have a delicious meal followed by the fabulous entertainment of Billy Pearce at The Keys, Huddersfield last night. I knew it would be a fun night right from the moment we got settled and my sister Tina realised she’d had trouble walking to the venue because her shoes were on the wrong feet! (can’t take her anywhere!) My cheeks still ache from all the laughing ???? Thank you, Mr Pearce, you’re a star ????

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks for the lovely message, so chuffed you had a good night! See you again soon! x

  159. Nicola Green says:

    My daughter who is 9 is a huge fan of you and has seen you for the last couple of years at Bradford Alhambra in the pantomime. Lou is coming again to see you this year on Christmas Eve and I know it would make her Christmas if you were to shout her name out Louise Charlotte Green during the afternoon performance or even better if she was able to meet you.

    Thank you in anticipation

    Merry Christmas

    Nicola Green

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      I’m so sorry but we’re not allowed to do that. Hope she has a great time. Best wishes x

  160. John Creber says:

    You are the most underrated Entertainer, ever . The legend that is Freddie Starr , doesn’t come near .

    Everybody who sees you feels like they know you personally when they leave . This is the impact , that your stage presence , (and your personality) has upon the audience . A very rare experience indeed .

    NATO or the United Nations could use you a peace negotiator to bring warring nations together !

    Billy ,
    Thanks cocker for making me and lots of people happy ,

    John Creber

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thank you so much for those kind words. I’m so pleased that you enjoy what I do, I’m a very lucky man!
      Best wishes, Billy.

  161. Emma (from Manchester not Castleford!) says:

    Just spent the evening at the Alambra watching you in Peter Pan, with my son, mother and grandmother; you had 4 generations in hysterics ????????????! Thank you for such an entertaining evening we didn’t want it to end! ????????

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed the show, thanks for coming!
      Best wishes,
      Billy x

      1. Emma Miller (Manchester) says:

        Hello Mr Pearce!

        We returned again last night to watch Cinderella, I didn’t think you could top it, but it was even better this year! I’m so impressed that you were able to make my 17 year old son belly laugh! Because let’s face it that’s a challenge in itself – teenagers ????…

        Thanks again for an amazing night!


        The Miller family x

        1. Billy Pearce says:

          so chuffed to hear that you enjoyed it. Best wishes Billy xxx

  162. Lisa North says:

    Hi Billy…just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the panto at the Alhambra this afternoon. I brought my son to see it…it’s the first time we’ve been to the pantomime in Bradford. It was fantastic…was so entertaining from start to finish and you had me in stiches. Just booked to see you in Barnsley on 17th March! Thank you!

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      so chuffed that you enjoyed it! See you in Barnsley!!

  163. Charlotte Richardson says:

    Saw you in Bradford tonight amazing as always
    I’m such a big fan of yours

  164. Anne says:

    Thank you for a brilliant pantomime again at Bradford Alambra. Took my grand daughter on Saturday 8th Jan. We absolutely loved it. Laughed from start to finish. My grand daughter even held her nose when you were doin the farthing scene with captain hook. I laughed at her doing that Thank you for a brilliant evening.From Anne x

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      So glad you enjoyed it, bless her!!

  165. Langstraat says:

    Dear Mr ‘Chuffing’ Alhambra,

    We’ve been bringing our grandchildren to see you in Panto for many years. Another wonderful show this afternoon, great songs and sketches. You make the show your very own.

    I hope you have another end of season firework display in Tingley.

    Kindest regards with many thanks,


    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      Fireworks? Not mine I’m afraid x

  166. Andrew Korkoza says:

    Hi Billy can’t wait for the show in Halifax on 29th April. We are coming to see you in Scarborough as well in 2017.
    You truly are a funny , brilliant performer.
    All my family see you on stage every year. Mum (86) absolutely loves your shows as does the entire family.
    Thank you for bringing laughter into our family.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks Andrew! Thanks for your support x

  167. Denise Korkoza says:

    Hello Billy, I am very chuffing happy to say hello to a fantastic comedian.
    I am 86 year old and your dog peed on me in Scarborough a few years ago.
    I have got over it now, but i enjoy everything you do. Cant wait for April in Halifax, I will be there at the Victoria Theatre and commend you working a charity concert.
    Many Thanks.
    Love Denise.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      thanks love! Sorry about the wee!!! Thanks for coming xxx

  168. Kim Pearce says:

    Great to meet you today on the train Billy! We didn’t have much time to talk but you are a legend…..we’ve seen you many times at Blackpool and Scarborough over the years and can’t wait to see you again. All the very best to you and your beautiful wife. Love Kim (Pearce!) xx
    PS Are you on with Joe again this year at the Viva?

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Sorry love! Didn’t mean to be rude but I was on the phone, please forgive me!!! I’m at Viva in April but not with Joe I don’t think x

  169. denise Korkoza says:

    Just another message to say hello and again to say I am looking forward to your visit to Halifax in April.
    Looking forward to your visit, will you be arriving in an Uno?
    Denise, your 86 year old fan. x

  170. Karen Massey says:

    Hi Billy
    Just want to say a big thankyou for my signed photo you sent for my birthday today!My daughter Abigail Conners arranged for it for me.
    I am such a massive fan of yours,seen you in pantomime so many times and as I live in Portugal saw you a couple of times when you did your show with the late Keith Harris in the old Michaels nightclub.
    I just want to say a massive thanks to you for cheering me up recently,I have had an awful year losing my dad and my son but every time I,m down now I just think about you on that stage!They should bottle you !never mind antidepressants!! Hoping to see you again this year at the Alhambra. Karenx

  171. Saw you again at Lamp Room Barnsley on 16th March – pure brilliance – laughing from start to finish – best comedian ever – I love it when you titter to yourself – long may you rein ! Hope you will be back in Yorkshire soon – Bev and Sean x

  172. Candace Franklin says:

    Dear Billy,
    I’ve just seen some of your clips on Youtube and as I’m preparing for a big scary op I just wanted to say thank you for really cheering me up and just for a while taking my mind off what’s ahead.
    Huge cheers,

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      bless ya love! Hope it all went ok xxx

      1. Candace Franklin says:

        Dear Billy, I wrote to you last year just before I had a big op and I wanted to say thank you so much for replying and your kind wishes. The op went well and “touch wood” I’ve had the all clear.

        1. Billy Pearce says:

          what great news! Hope things stay good for you! My very best wishes, Billy xxx

  173. Emma Gibson says:

    Hi Billy,

    Every year three generations of my family come to see you at the Pantomime in Bradford. We love you and our faces ache from smiling and laughing so much.

    My 12 year old son is obsessed with you and hadn’t stopped talking about you since we saw you at Xmas, when i surprised him and we all came to see you last night in Rotherham for Wind in the Willows!

    Brilliant as always and i loved the cast and intimacy of tbe venue.You are truly one of a kind -the ultimate entertainer! Thank you so much for another brilliant show! Love to you and your family x

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thant’s great! Thanks so much for coming. See you at xmas xxx

  174. Sue marples says:

    Hi billy wen r u in barnsley again i av bin a fan of yours since 70s

  175. Sue Lewis says:

    Grill show (Wind in the Willows) at Hunstanton on Sat.Not laughed so much for ages.Just whaswhast the Dr ordered.Keep up the good work.You are a true professional

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      thanks for the kind words, and thanks for coming! I’m back there this week in a comedy play!

  176. Susan Taylor says:

    We saw you in Scarborough last year and laughed so much. I wonder if you’re going to be there this summer. Cheers

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      No it’s going to be Bernie Clifton this year so it will be a really great show. Best wishes xxx

  177. andrew korkoza says:

    Hi Billy,
    Brilliant show in April at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax, you raised the roof with laughter, it was a great night.
    Thank you for saying hello to mum, I know it made her year, you were a true gentleman with her.
    Booking again to see you in June at the Victoria Theatre.

  178. Denise Korkoza says:

    Hello Billy,
    I really enjoyed your show in Halifax recently, where you not only raised the roof with laughter, but raised a lot of money for a local children’s hospice where he money is much needed.
    My highlight was actually meeting you after the show and getting a picture and an autograph and trust me, at 86 years young, you made my year.
    You were so generous with your time and proved yourself to be a funny, warm and gentle man.
    You are such a funny, funny man and I cannot wait to see your shows at the Victoria Theatre in June.
    Again, thanks Billy. I never laughed so much.
    Love Denise.

  179. Susan Barnes says:

    Saw u tonite at the cresset we all thought u were fab& funny full of charisma! Thanks for lovely eve.We were hopefully the noisy lot further back lol.Every one did a great show.Thankyou.Dont stop what youre doing.You was my fave! All the best& thanks for the laughs xx

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks for the lovely message! Glad you had a good time! Best wishes, Billy xxx

  180. Tony Williams says:

    Hi Billy, I took my twelve year old daughter to see you in wind in the willows in Rhyl last friday. She thought it was brilliant and laughed all the way through. Cheers Tony.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks Tony! Glad to hear that! Best wishes x

  181. Emma Story says:

    Hello Billy
    I have been a fan many years . I just asking when you are coming back to the north east .

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks Emma! All my dates are on the website, hope you find something you can get to. Best wishes, Billy x

  182. Jane says:

    Hi billy

    Always luv your shows seen you twice 1 time was back in 1992 at butlins pwllheli when I worked there and I got a staff pass to go the stars bar to see you plus I served you in 1 off the shops which we had a right laugh. Then a few years after was at jollies at Longton stoke on trent which you were fantastic. Wish you would come back to stoke and give us all a laugh again

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Wow! Thats going back a bit! Have a look at the dates on my website, the play I’m doing next year might go near there?
      Best wishes


  183. Patricia Linley says:

    Great night loved you billy

  184. Don’t see enough of you on telly. See you’re a year older than me but look a lot younger. Good luck.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Bless ya m8! It’s been a while since I’ve been on TV but still working. Best wishes to ya!

  185. Vicki says:

    Come to Salford!!!

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      I may come that way in the play next year, not sure? Best wishes to ya xxx

  186. Les & Steph says:

    Travelled up from Mid Suffolk to Mexborough to see our favourite comic. Great venue & you were brilliant as usual. See you are in Barnsley next – Hope a lot of the girls drop their bags of chips…

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Sorry about those girls! What a pain they were!!!! Glad you enjoyed to x

  187. John Tarrant says:

    Brilliant gig at the Burntwood in Barnsley last Saturday, it was our Christmas works night out, you were chuffin brill 🙂

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      thanks love! Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for coming!!

  188. Marie Gray says:

    Hi .hope u got that boat back .and enjoyed Scarborough spa. .just up yr way and c ur in panto.tryed to get tickets to the 24thdec . But looks like yr a sell out . . No surprise. There . We miss u at Scarborough spa . Love Marie

  189. Sarah Davis says:

    Hi Billy. Well another fantastic panto this year; Cinderella 2017. We all really enjoyed it as we always do but this year was extra funny. You and Coleen had real chemistry but you are the star of the show. We went for fish and chips on the way home and our daughter who is 10 said “they were chuffin gorgeous”. Thanks for a great day and all the best. Sarah and Tom and Family.

  190. Joanne de Groot says:

    Just home from seeing you in Cinderella at the Alhambra. You are a true performer and never disappoint. Where you get your energy from I’ll never know???? lost my dad a few years ago and he was a Barnsley man, brought back memories listening to your parody of working men’s clubs and the accent. God Bless xxx

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      thanks love! Sorry about your dad, glad you enjoyed the show x

  191. Angharad Griffiths says:

    Had an incredible time tonight watching you in Cinderella. I can’t say I’m surprised as I have loved attending the bradford panto since I think 2000, as I used to attend the councillors and children’s address with my father. It was something I looked forward too every year and I certainly didn’t mind getting pulled out of school early to watch it (for educational reasons ofcourse, well that what we told both my primary and secondary school) I’ve managed to find four photos of you and me together from various years, and one of me and I’m presuming the 2000 sunbeams. This event has always had a special place in my heart and will continue to do so every year. Thankyou for all the years you have done the pantomime, it really would not be the same without you.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      so chuffed to hear that you enjoyed it. Best wishes Billy xxx

  192. Sue Mundin says:

    Hi Billy
    I Came to see Another one of you Fantastic and Wonderful Pantomimes last night 5-1-2018.I have to say.I never stopped laughing from the Start to Finish.Where you get your energy from is beyond me Ha Ha.I have also seen 3 other Pantos of yours in the past 3years , They too were so Hillarious.Keep up the good work,A very happy New Year to you and your family,also the Cast of the Panto.xx

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      so chuffed to hear that you enjoyed it. Best wishes Billy xxx

  193. Christopher Huby says:

    Hi I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic performance as usual at the pantomime we were there last Sunday, 7 January you are amazing as always I am registered blind so I can’t see you I love coming and hearing your wonderful fantastic whit please keep up your fantastic work

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      so chuffed to hear that you enjoyed it. Best wishes Billy xxx

  194. Mally Simmons says:

    Just seen you in Cinderella legend.
    You are toally bonkers but i love what you do.
    Great show mate

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      so chuffed to hear that you enjoyed it. Best wishes Billy xxx

  195. Joanne Gibson says:

    Hi Billy, I have watched you for years in panto at alahambra my husband and I find you hilarious… We was wondering are you doing any adult shows local to Bradford anytime soon?

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      keep an eye on my website, for dates being added all the time. Best wishes Billy x

  196. Dave Whitehead says:

    Went to see you in Cinderella yesterday. You led a wonderful cast brilliantly. And you know what we loved about it? Our group, aged 4 to 69, were well and truly entertained. Thanks Billy. You’re a star. Pop round for a cuppa anytime. I only live two streets away.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      so chuffed to hear that you enjoyed it. Best wishes Billy xxx

  197. Vicky Goodall says:

    Hi ya billy you never seem to amaze me on the fantastic part you play in the panto, but my daughter who is only 3 and half was sat on front row and every time you come on she was shouting you it’s a wonder you couldn’t here her bless her , we’re all broad Yorkshire so the show made us laugh especially the teddy Lol but When it was finishing my daughter said I’m goong to miss buttons would you go tell him as I want to say hello I explained this wasn’t easy to do bless her heart but if you could said her something signed from you playing buttons she would be so happy love vicky xx

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      so chuffed to hear that you enjoyed it. let me have your address and I’ll send a photo. Best wishes Billy xxx

  198. Janet Haughey says:

    Hi Billy!
    Saw you yesterday in Cinderella at the Alhambra, fantastic time! We were the ones you kept chucking water on, with that glint in your eye…………. Myself, Son & Grandson (age 5) had an amazing time. Hope to see you again soon for more laughs! Take care
    Janet & family xx

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      so chuffed to hear that you enjoyed it. Best wishes Billy xxx

  199. John Workman says:

    Just returned home from cinderella Great show again laugh a minute have not miised many pantos at bradford enjoy every year

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      so chuffed to hear that you enjoyed it. Best wishes Billy xxx

  200. Warren Peters says:

    Can’t wait for Clacton in June.

  201. Andy says:

    Hi Billy, Another fantastic performance as Buttons ( again ) !! This year’s Panto was amazing and I just wanted to let you know how much enjoyment you have given us over the years. My youngest daughter Annabelle said you are her favourite actor !! What else can I say ? !! Andy

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      thanks for the lovely message so chuffed to hear that you enjoyed it. Best wishes Billy xxx

  202. Mary Bowford says:

    Late getting this email off as computer has been caput. Just wanted to say that the Pantomime at the Alhambra was as good as ever. Brilliant supporting cast, but really it is very much down to you that everyone has such a whale of a time, Since my family moved away from Yorkshire I have come to the Pantomime with a convert -someone who had never seen a Pantomime until three years ago – and now she wouldn’t miss one. Thanks

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      thanks for the lovely message so chuffed to hear that you enjoyed it. Best wishes Billy xxx

  203. Carole says:

    Fab night last night, thank you Billy, Karen from Boston Spa caught the bus! ????????????

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      so chuffed to hear that you enjoyed it, thanks for coming (on the bus)! Billy xxx

  204. Jenny says:

    Saw you at Hull Comedy Lounge last night and can honestly say I haven’t laughed that much in ages. Had the whole room in stitches. Absolutely brilliant. Would definitely come to see you again. Thanks for a fab night. Jenny.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      So chuffed you enjoyed it, best wishes xxx

  205. John Bratley says:

    Great night at Worksop Arena, pity we had to go early,
    Thanks Billy,

    From the bald chap in the front

  206. Robert Howarth says:

    Hi Billy your still going strong and as funny as ever, remember us , Bob and Hilary from Algarve

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      hello loves! Still going ( just)!!!! My very best wishes to you guys, Billy xxx

  207. linda marshall says:

    Only seen you previously in pantomine but Saw you last night at bradford. I cried with laughter.

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      brilliant! Thanks for coming x

  208. Emma Todd says:

    AMAZING night on Friday at one of my favourite places. The Alhambra Bradford. Thanks Billy, haven’t laughed that much in ages. My face hurt! Please do Alhambra again. I have a list of at least 50 people who want to go.
    Emma x

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      thanks Emma, so chuffed that you had a good night, it’s my favourite place too!

  209. Richard Taylor says:

    Great night in Lincoln last night ,seen you a few times now and i think you’ve got funnier , especially nearly falling of the stage at the end !you should add it to your act !!

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks Richard, so chuffed you enjoyed it!

  210. Corinne says:

    Really enjoyed the adult show tonight at Yeadon Town Hall – very, very funny! I came with 5 other friends and we were all laughing for the whole of your 3 hour performance! Brilliant.

  211. Irene hayres says:

    Saw your show in yeadon last night ,a fantastic night ,so so funny ,,come back soon ,,let’s and Jenny hayres

  212. I’ve alwaya loved billy growing up, going to panto every year, I was she the night he fell of the stage and broke his toe but he continued like a trouper.

    Then growing up and seeing the adult side, wow mind blown.

    Went to see him in Bradford last year and me and my mate was the only people under 40 I’d say.

    Also a shock to meet him in the toilet before the show, we didn’t shake, toilet business.

    I’m ashamed to also announce I learned aload from Bernadette Manning sadly after he died as I would have gone to every show, I don’t want this car medynto die out with the oldies!!!

    Where is more YouTube content billy? Where’s the dvds at? Can we have a coffee sometime would be a bloody dream come true well not really just a drink with a friend.

    Thanks for all the laughs 🙂

  213. Sara says:

    Our family’s annual Panto trip to the Alhambra, Bradford today. Billy you were chuffing great!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  214. Mick levitt says:

    Fantastic comedian so so funny and even great to watch in his Christmas pantos at Bradford theatre he makes the show.

  215. Jill says:

    Saw you on Saturday night at Bradford Alhambra in the Panto, our coach broke down in the way so you making everyone laugh was just what was needed after the stressful journey. Have seen you the past few years at Bradford and you never fail to have me stitches.
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon and thank you

  216. Deborah says:

    Just been to the Alhambra this afternoon to see Aladdin. Another fantastic performance, you are amazing and your voice is still fabulous. My daughters are now grown up but I still go every year. Today I took my great Auntie who is 98 and she loved it. I have seen your adult shows as well which again were fantastic and I will certainly be booking again. Keep up the great work xx

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      thank for the lovely message so chuffed you enjoy what I do

  217. Sarah says:

    Bradford panto would not be the same without you. If everyone worked as hard as you the country would be a lot better off x

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      what a lovely thing to say!! Thanks very much xxx

  218. sam succoi says:

    Billy you’re fab x

  219. Chunk Master Flash says:

    went to see your cheeky adult night couldn’t believe my eyes :O what a long and thick performance you gave 😉 couldn’t wait to feel a load of comedy juice on my face 😉 my thighs were chafing with excitement.
    All the best, Chunk Master Flash

  220. Colin says:

    CHUFFIN’ LEGEND you are Billy! My dad and I travelled from Northern Ireland to Blackpool every year from the early 90’s to date, and your name was one of the first we looked out for with the shows! Hilarious comedy. Thanks for the memories! 🙂

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks mate! Glad you enjoy what I do x

  221. Maria says:

    Came to see you at the tropicana on Saturday night . Brilliant as always

  222. Shelagh says:

    Seen you in panto and in the audience at the alhambra many times. Always fantastic. Went to see your adult show in bridlington a few years ago and laughed till I cried. Saw the show tonight in cleckheaton and once again laughed till I cried,ached & had make-up streaming down my face. Absolutely fantastic show would recommend to anyone. Laughter is needed nowadays with so much doom & gloom going on. Hope to see you again soon

  223. Tracie Castleton says:

    We’ve booked too see you tomorrow night at Pastures Lodge but add the pub and hotel are currently flooded under 5ft of water, has your show there been canceled?

  224. Lynn Goodall says:

    Hey Billy it’s one of the twins we will see u at the cast on 12 march see u soon X have a brilliant Xmas to u all Lynn

  225. Lauren Paige King says:

    Hey Billy,

    My grandparents are huge fans, and me! I still see you in Bradfords panto every year and got my little sisters loving you too! But your voice <3 as a young kid I thought you were a pop star! Your CD was played everytime I got in my grandads car, I loved it – as did he! I'm 23 now and its been a while since we listened together! so tonight we were remanicing, watching some of your comedy clips on YouTube- some rudies I was too young too watch before and god me and my grandparents were in stiches. I've never seen my grandma cry with laughter ? So we go to dig the old CD out – the one with the Collin raye covers on – and we're absolutley gutted its dissapeared!! WHERE CAN I BUY IT???!! IT NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. I want to replace it for grandad for Christmas so pleaseeeee can u email me ASAP and let me know where I can buy it! chuffing fuming your music isnt on YouTube or anywhere!!! I tried booking tickets for your tour and sooooo upset too see you've sold out! Hope you have a fab gig! lots of love Lauren xoxox

  226. michelle and kain|(12) says:

    paddy was at a bus stop and bridie stopped and said would you like a lift paddy?
    he said no I better not I may miss my bus…..
    🙂 thought you may like that one for your show

    come to your panto every year, you are a star and deserve a knighthood for the work you put into these each year and still going so strong.Well done we think you are the funniest guy with our daft sense of humour!

  227. Ian says:

    We were at the panto in Bradford again last night. Great show. great performance Billy and as a grown up family we laughed the whole night. Thankyou and take care.

  228. Nicola hartley says:

    Me and my parents have seen you twice both in Blackpool once with the osmond brothers and then at north pier you took the mick out of my mum as she was coming back from the toilet saying you saw her floater with a flag in drifting away Lol I’ve never cried with laughter at a comedian you are one of my favourites and I’ve just seen that you are at kings Croft in pontefract where we live and wondered if it’s still happening and when as I only briefly saw the banner for your show

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      Thanks for the lovely message, Billy will be at Kings Croft on 28/11/2020

  229. S THOMPSON says:

    Dear Billy and family
    Hope your all well in these strange times, I was a bit concerned about you as you haven’t posted for quite a while.
    Lots of love as always
    Sue X

    1. Billy Pearce says:

      not bad thanks,It’s really tough not working but ok apart from that. I’m not very good at social media I’m afraid, I do a bit of twitter sometimes. Best wishes xx

  230. Nick says:

    Evening Billy looking forward to seeing you tonight in hull.
    Need humour in times like these and your just the tonic….?

  231. Steve Luff says:

    First off belated best wishes on your birthday, cannot believe your age still look the same. I’ve loved comedy since a child so seen many comics some sadly no longer with us, I’ve seen you many times around the country. I saw you in your early career in Blackpool then later in other seaside towns. You’ve surely got a gift to make people smile. I was listening to your chat with Andy Ford and those who don’t smile at gigs. It reminded me of something the late Ken Dodd said while chatting after a show in the early hours when the milkman was out. He said he often pondered if these non smilers where comedians trying to study the art (pause) or someone who went through the wrong door.
    Anyway must dash got some vacuuming to do
    I’ve now got an NVQ in it lol
    Keep smiling and stay safe

  232. Lisa says:

    Just watched you At the opera house Blackpool. Laughed until I had no make up left on Had a pic with you just topped our anniversary weekend off perfectly. I’m 49 and laughed just as hard as I did in my teens Thank you so much for the laughs ❤️❤️

  233. Richard Machin says:

    Hi Billy,me and my wife saw you in Scarborough at the spa a few years ago and we still haven’t stopped laughing.your show was really fabulous and I hope that we get to see you again soon.

  234. David Horne says:

    Was at The Lamproom in Barnsley last night, you were brilliant, I went home with a smile on my face and a bag of chips for my wife …. ! 👍👍

  235. Charlotte says:

    Hy Billy, my daughter and I were just talking about you, we seen you many years ago at the forum Billingham Cleveland, then also at the mecca bingo stockton on tees, we were talking about the poppadoms song, and remember peeing our selves laughing after you sang it, just can’t believe your still about and definitely going to come see you again at 1 of your shows best comedian we ever seen

  236. Linda Marshall says:

    Saw you at St Georges Hall Bradford last night. Great night didnt stop laughing

  237. Alistair Dickinson says:

    Hi Billy
    I am once again attending the Alhambra this year (28th December sleeping beauty) I take my daughter Estelle to see the pantomime every year, Estelle is 20 years old and disabled with the condition Rett Syndrome
    I just wanted to wish you the very best pantomime season from myself and Estelle
    Break a leg

  238. zoe latchem says:

    Billy you were soooooooooooo funny in this years panto at Bradford, loved the Barnsley gags! keep fit & safe, thankyou for your hard work & effortless comedy, what a pro! x

  239. David Brown says:

    Brilliant this evening at Bradford as always Billy. Everyone has missed you. Look forward to next year.

  240. Sarah says:

    Came to see you in the panto this afternoon, you and all the cast got a well deserved standing ovation, very emotional, well done to all but especially you, haven’t laughed so much for a long time, the best tonic. Looking forward to the next one, welcome back, it wouldn’t be the same without you, hilarious, stay safe x

  241. alan spence says:

    attended the matinee show last sat it ws brilliant.The whole cast deserved a standing ovation.My five year old grand child loved it.My favourite part was the miming to the songs and your trip to london for cheese and wine.
    I was in junior showtime in the seventies so remember your mum.i have been trying to find what happened to the poole family.Glyn poole had a one hit wonder with milly molly mandy,i am 65 si i guess he is around my age.I e mailed Mark Curry but he never replied.
    Thanks Billy for making the world a funnier place well worth 30 pound a ticket.

  242. Tony Collins says:

    Billy do you work on cruise ships ?. If so with whom and if you dont, you ought to. Looking forward to your appearance soon in Hull. You are a great entertainer. Watch your “You tube” clips over and over and they still make me laugh. Thank you.

  243. Dawn Clyne says:

    Hi Billy me and andy my brother seen you last night at embassy theatre skegness.. it was first time seeing you and you was amazing lovely meeting and chatting to you after the show.. will Deff come again to see you when ur skegvegas.. don’t know if you seen ur private message on Facebook but I sent you a message and friend request hope you don’t mind.. plus sent the photos what we had took with u after the show. You made my night by the way

  244. Deb W says:

    Gutted you aren’t at the Palace Theatre Redditch tonight. Will you be rescheduling or doing anything else in the Midlands?

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